About Us

Rosebrook Sand & Gravel is proud to supply quality products to companies who demand the best. Our extracted product is laboratory tested weekly to ensure consistency in quality and these results are available to our customers on a regular basis.


To ensure continued quality of product, we regularly upgrade our plant and equipment to enable us to stay at the forefront of our industry. New methods of screening and washing have ensured we can provide a clean, well graded and consistent product on which our customers can rely. Rosebrook supplies a range of graded gravels from 6mm to 200mm. Our careful screening processes ensure trueness of size and grading. We are always happy to tailor a mix of gravels. We work with our customers to find the best product mix for their requirements and have found that this business personalisation creates a closer working relationship.

Rosebrook Sand & Gravel is a family owned business. We have five quarries located in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

We have even more staff now to help you meet that particular job specification. Call our head office on (02) 4930 1237 to place an order.